Millions of women around the world are helplessly trapped in a cycle of pain, fatigue and despair due to their condition and the lack of support around it.


We give you the right knowledge, resources and guidance so you can stop managing your symptoms, and start understanding your health.

Knowledge is Power!


This FREE 4 day program will give you the strongest foundation of understanding possible, saving you weeks of googling, sharing the fundamentals, and softly pumping your foggy little head full of endo knowledge..


Sound good? It will feel even better!

Hey I'm Manu,

the founder of WithEndo.

Like you - I'm 1 in 10..

First of all - Welcome to the club...


I'll be honest.. I had no intention of being a 'face' of endometriosis when I started my own journey...


I was frustrated with researching the existing options out there for endo sufferers - Surgery, Drugs & Misinformation..

Every "community" of endo-sisters that I joined was full of negativity, a collective sense of helplessness and anything but supportive towards natural treatments..


Not for the first time, I realised I was on my own.


I started studying. I felt like I had gone back to 10th grade sciene class.. The more I learned about the body, the more I understood how everything is connected..  and the changes I was making made my life more bearable.


My biggest breakthrough came when I started working with a Functional Nutritionist called Frankie. She knew exactly how to help me make the changes needed, both with the food I was eating - and the thoughts I was thinking..


It changed my life.

And for the first time, I actually felt in control.


Around 18 months later, together with Frankie, we created a guided holistic approach to the self treatment of Endo to help other women achieve the same results - and that is our The Ribbon Method program.


But right now, if you are feeling lost, hopeless, in pain, in a fog and completely drained of energy - You have so much to look forward to, and I'm here to help you..


Let's start with our FREE Intro to Endo course..


​"She went through the process of all the pain and solved it. She navigated through it, so she has specialized knowledge to help somebody else and save them decades or months or years with the pain."

- TONY ROBBINS, Motivational Speaker