Hi, I’m Manu…

I’m from Colombia and I have Endometriosis.


If like me, you also suffer from endo - I want to start by saying… Welcome.


Trust me, I get it. The pain, agony and frustration you constantly live with.


Endo is a terrible, yet very common condition and unfortunately so many women know so little about it.


In just a moment, I’m going to share my story… in detail.


I’ll reveal everything I’ve been through… and best of all - a completely natural, non-invasive solution I discovered to help Endo sufferers live an amazing life with this condition.


I spent literally thousands of hours reading, researching & interviewing experts… until I discovered this unusual method I’ll share with you in just a moment...


Before I do though, I just want to say this:


Firstly, Does This Sound Like You?


You feel like nobody understands what you’re going through


You're told you’re exaggerating… “it’s just your period” or “this is just what women go through”... but deep down you know it’s so much more than that..


You feel that awful pain deep inside you... as if someone is cutting into every inch of you with a knife..


You try and explain to your partner why some sex positions are impossible… it’s the most awkward feeling in the world..


The “not being heard”, being told that you are exaggerating or that “it is all in your head.”


The lack of knowledge and the frustration around this disease. No one seems to know anything about it and the research is so limited or one-sided.


I know the feeling of worry and fear of the endometriosis spreading & it limiting your fertility… plus all the years wasted in dealing with it. I’ve felt it myself


Plus the many more limitations that this horrible disease causes…


If you know what it's like... then I need to tell you something important:

You're NOT alone 

Unfortunately, there are so many women suffering just like you...



And if any of this sounds familiar to you, then I urge you to read every single word on this page…


Because, what I’m about to reveal will be the most important thing you’ll ever discover when it comes to living with Endometriosis.


Now, before I go any further - in case you’ve heard of Endo but aren’t 100% sure what it is, let me explain:

Endometriosis is a condition that occurs when cells similar to those that line the uterus are found in other parts of the body. It most commonly occurs in the pelvis and can affect a woman's reproductive organs. 


Endo has many affects on your emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as your sex life, lifestyle, job, relationship and more.


And that’s why today I’m going to share my whole journey with you… including the discovery I made that has completely changed my life and the way I live with Endo.


Everything I talk about here… comes from my research, speaking with doctors, experts and health professionals…


But that will all make sense in just a moment :-)

So, here’s my story:

It all started when I got my first period... I was 13

The first time I got it… I felt pain.


But not the normal pain you’d expect when you get your period.



There was something about this that just felt… different.


It felt like someone had shoved a knife into my lower intestines… As if they were cutting me open and dissecting me, while I was still awake. I’d never felt anything like this in my life. 


I told my mom I was dying… and when I explained it to her - she said the words you’ve probably been told yourself.


“Don’t worry dear... it’s just your period”


As a teenager entering puberty… this terrified me. Surely it couldn’t be normal? From then on, every time I got my period, my belly would get really swollen. 


I didn’t know what it was, but both my mom and doctors told me it was completely normal. By age 14, I had severe inflammation in my belly. I would go to the hospital almost monthly because my stomach got so big.


At first, I was told my colon was inflamed, because as a child I had gastritis. I was also told multiple times that I might have appendicitis... 


I was told not to stress about it…  but every single month the process would repeat itself.

I felt powerless… I couldn’t do anything...


I was vomiting constantly, always had diarrhea and felt really weak. For a while I thought I was simply unlucky… and that my periods were just like this. But deep down I couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t quite right…


I even started to resent being a woman… wishing things were different.   Maybe you can relate...  


So here’s what happened next:


At 18 - I went to the Gynecologist for birth control pills. I asked him about the pain I was experiencing… and of course I got the same answers: “It’s normal… all women experience pain”


People told me I was making it up… exaggerating the pain. They labelled me a hypochondriac...

Told me my colon issues had nothing at all to do with my period. To make matters worse… at the same time, my mother had breast cancer. 


I was constantly visiting different hospitals with her and speaking to a range of different doctors.

On one of these visits, I was standing at the hospital and felt a tremendous amount of pain.


I knew it was coming.


On this particular day, my mother’s Oncologist - who was also a Gynaecologist - had come to see my mom. 

He could see I was in pain and he asked me a bunch of questions.


I explained all the symptoms to him...

and for the first time EVER, I felt understood!


“Come with me” he said. He asked me a bunch of questions… I told him about the changes in my body and how I always felt lazy.


“You have all the symptoms of Endometriosis” he said.


He booked me in for a Laparoscopy - keyhole surgery that examines the interior of the abdominal & pelvic cavities. They made a couple of small incisions in my belly to look for lesions… and sure enough - Endo was there!


Finally, I was able to confirm that something was wrong with me. 


I had hope. The future could actually be better.


The doctor said I was stage 2 to 3, so he operated on me. Post surgery, I needed hormonal treatment for 2 years.

During that time, I never had a period.


Unfortunately though, if I forgot to take the pill for just one day... I would have terrible pain.

After the 2nd year, I stopped the treatment because I didn’t want to keep taking the pills. It was exhausting.


And that's when something weird happened...


Naturally, I was concerned that the problem would come right back.

But 6 months passed… and I was totally fine!


I was ecstatic! 


For the first time in my life, I wasn’t living with horrible pain.

But then… a short time later, it all came back.

Really hard.


I had days where I couldn’t get out of bed. I had no energy… and constantly felt tired. All the time.

By this point, I’d managed to live with Endo. It was… just bearable.


I was going through the process of dealing with my pain and I’d gotten used to it… but at the same time - as you would know… you kind of get numb.  


It’s like your shadow.  All the time it’s right there near you. 


Even if you don’t think about it... it’s always ready to remind you it’s still there.

To mix things up even more… it was around this time that I met my husband Gavin.


We started dating, then after a few weeks, I had to explain the condition to him.

It scared me… because I didn’t know how he’d react… and if I’m honest I was afraid…


Afraid of bringing up the topic of my period and a condition related to it… I was scared he wouldn’t understand.


I just Didn't know what would happen


Maybe you can relate...


Fortunately though, he was amazing about it and truly helped me get to where I am today.  He got to see how the condition affected me and consistently supported me to live through it.


After we’d been together for a while, we went on a trip to Argentina. 

It was there I had a terrible episode.


One day, when we were meant to leave for Uruguay, I couldn’t get out of bed. It was the worst pain I’d ever felt. I literally wanted to die.


It completely derailed our trip… and as frustrating as that was at the time - it was my line in the sand moment.


After thinking about the plans we had… and how it had ruined our trip - I knew I couldn’t be the only woman living through this nightmare.


So - I decided to make a change. I had to start looking for information on how to solve the challenges of Endo. 


I'd hit rock bottom...

And I was no longer going to let it affect my life.


Gavin was on board, and we looked for every possible solution we could find.

There wasn’t much out there… other than tons of research to be done. All that was available was more invasive surgeries, expensive drugs that wreak havoc on the body… nothing I wanted to be involved in.


One day, after months of research, I was having coffee with one of my best friends. I told her about my condition and all of the symptoms… and the journey I’d been on so far. As I described it… she had this weird look on her face.


When I asked her what was up… she said she felt EXACTLY the same.

I told her to get exams done and get checked out by her doctor.


Turns out she also had Endo.


Afterwards, another close friend came and we talked about it some more. 

She also had the same symptoms. How crazy was this… 2 of my best friends. I’d known both of them for over 10 years…


We never spoke about it. And only now did we really get to the bottom of it. Now - here’s my point:


Since I was a young child… I’d always felt compelled to help people.

It was a deep internal calling of mine


So… I got busy working. I researched endo and learned everything I could to understand the condition.


I watched documentaries, read books, peer reviewed journals and more - desperate to find a way to deal with the symptoms and still live an amazing life. Gavin and I went through every single course by every Endometriosis expert on the planet. Literally.


Most of these courses were unengaging and lacked the information women truly needed to deal with it.

After thousands of hours of research, and a lifetime living with Endometriosis… I had a breakthrough.


Living with Endo… without the pain, frustration and hopelessness - requires something more… it requires a holistic approach.


Everyone wants a magic bullet… but it’s simply not the case with Endo.


After conducting my research and speaking to experts about the condition - I realized there are 6 areas you must address to overcome the challenges of Endo - if you want to live an amazing life…


Which we all do right?


These 6 things are all part of my solution to living with Endo...

It’s what I call: The Ribbon Method



If you’re like most women… you’ve probably been told your food diet doesn’t matter. This couldn’t be further from the truth - changing your diet is non negotiable when it comes to living an amazing life with Endo. 


However - this doesn’t have to be difficult. As part of this method, we look at what foods you need to eat more, what you need to avoid and more.




What I mean by this is blood sugar stabilization. This pillar of The Ribbon Method will teach you the ins and outs of exactly how to stabilize your blood sugar, so you can successfully reduce inflammation in your body.


For most women… this makes such a big difference they can’t understand why they weren’t told to do it sooner!



The third pillar of the ribbon method is hormonal balance. This is important to get right because unstable blood sugar puts our other hormones are out of balance.


This causes more stress, and wreaks havoc on gut function and even our nervous system! But when you master hormone balance, you’re Endo becomes far more manageable.




In this pillar, you’ll discover the essential labs that you need to run to properly understand your nutrient deficiencies and how to deal with them. We’ll also reveal how to find practitioners that are willing to work with you to help reverse these things. 


Knowing what to look for will help you become your own #1 health advocate as you move forward!



Interpersonal intelligence is about mastering your own self awareness around how you’re thinking about yourself and talking to yourself. Mastering this will change the way you are in the world. You react and relate differently to yourself and everybody around you. 


This may sound strange… but it will instantly change your association to the condition, which has helped many women live a better life.




And without doubt… one of the most important pillars to my own personal journey - having community support.


When I speak to other women with this horrible condition… we laugh together and cry together… and most importantly lift each other up when we are struggling... this is what makes everything okay.


Now… you might be wondering why I’ve shared this with you?


Well - here’s the thing:


After living with Endo my entire life… and dedicating so much time over the past few years to understanding the condition and treating my own symptoms…  I’m desperate to share my method with women across the world.


I want to teach you how to implement The Ribbon Method including each of the 6 pillars involved… because I know how much this has changed my life.


So… I’m looking women who are living with Endo, and want to make a holistic change in their life - forever.

I promise that when you learn how to use these 6 pillars in your life… 


....you will never view living with Endo the same again.


Now - I just want to be clear that this isn’t for everyone, as I can only help certain women.

I’m quite picky about who I conduct these calls with - to respect my time and ensure I can help you.


So - here are my criteria:

  • You are committed to taking action on improving your life
  • You take responsibility for where you’re currently at :) I know it sucks having a condition like Endo… but unfortunately, that’s life. Our attitude decides what happens next.
  • You are coachable and willing to try something different (especially if what you’re currently doing isn’t working)

If you meet the criteria above and would like to talk, then I’ll happily set aside some time for you.


Here’s how the process works:


First, you’ll need to book a time in my calendar to have a chat. My time is limited so you need to book now.


Once you've done that, complete the short and simple questionnaire on the following page so I know how to help you and can maximise our time together.


 Don’t worry, it’s simple and unobtrusive.


Then - at the time you selected - we will conduct the call and help you create a plan :)


I can't wait to chat and help you on this journey!